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See What People Say About Sonshine

Sonshine Window
Washing Co.

            See What Our Customers Say About

Sonshine Window Washing Co.

     We want to thank our customers for all the kind words they say about Sonshine. For us, this shows that we deliver superior customer service. We go above and beyond, to deliver nothing but the best. We stand behind our work.

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We Call This the Sonshine Way

Thank You For Your Kind Words!

“Nick & Matt were here today, and our windows look amazing!

Getting the appointment was quick and responsive, and you can't beat the prices.

Thanks again for helping make our windows look new again!”

Claire Londress

“I am so excited!... I have never won anything!! I love having Sonshine Windows come and sprinkle pretty fairy dust all over. My windows came out amazing!.. The brothers are honest, trustwothy & super professional. Thank you again”

Rachel D

“ I have been a client of Sonshine Windows since 2005. Not only do they do my windows, they also treated my roof mold. They have power washed my driveway, sidewalks, decks, and gazebo over these many years and they look great. We also use them on our other home and have expierenced the same quality results. Their employees are courteous and friendly, and aim to please. I can't do without Sonshine.”

Shirley Luczkiewic

How to Get Your Free Coffee Card

Our Rules Are Simple

. Leave a review on our website or any of our social media platforms

   ( doesn't need to be every one)


. Once you leave your review send us an email at

  to let us know where you left your review.


. Once we confirm your review, we will reach out to see which gift card        you would like.

With Just One Click

Click on the Icon below to leave your review

(Be sure to like us on Facebook for company updates)

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** Please note reviews must be sent within a week of service to qualify for a gift card.**

When leaving your review please explain how your service experience was. Let others know what you loved about the service, the staff, and your experience

Choose between a Dunkin' Donuts

Starbuck's or Wawa gift card

Thank You

For Letting the Sonehine In

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