Trim, Frame and Sash Cleaning


Our personnel will Caltex clean or scrub and wipe the interior frame/sash, while the exterior frame/sash will Caltex cleaned, rinsed, and air-dried. We recommend this to be done every two to three years, although some may require more frequent cleaning. If frames/sashes are extremely dirty or if mold exists, a service charge may be added to pre-spray the frame/sash allowing the dirt/grime to loosen before cleaning begins. This process will enhance the appearance and value of your windows.

Cleaning the frame and sash will prevent dirt build-up and discoloration of vinyl and painted frames/sashes. If there is green or black mold evident, A Caltex solution needs to be applied to remedy this problem. A retreatment may be necessary if the dirt has gone deeper than the surface level. You also have the option of purchasing a cleaning kit to retreat the area. A stain may remain after cleaning if the mold has gone deeper than the surface level.

**A Release Form must be obtained for our personnel to undertake this process.**