Package 2 Screen Cleaning


Our service personnel will remove the screens from the units ordered, place them outside to be serviced and then place them back in the unit when completed.

Process 1:  Screens are dry brushed.

Process 2: Screens are dry brushed and the metal is wiped with a damp cloth.

Process 3: Screens are rinsed off on both sides and left to air dry.

Process 4: Screens are presoaked, scrubbed on both sides, rinsed off and left to air dry.

(This is what our Pkg. 2 and Pkg. 4 prices are based on.)

Screens should be cleaned once per year although some may require more frequent cleaning. If screens are extremely dirty, a service charge may be added to pre-spray the screen with Caltex allowing the dirt/grime to loosen before cleaning begins.

In most cases, it is beneficial to store your screens for the winter and have them cleaned and replaced in the spring. This cleaning will eliminate any dirt or corrosive build up on the screens and prevent the dirt from going back on the glass when it rains.

If there is green or black mold evident, A Caltex solution needs to be applied to remedy this problem. A retreatment may be necessary if the dirt has gone deeper than surface level. You also have the option of purchasing a cleaning kit to retreat the area. A stain may remain after cleaning, if the mold has gone deeper than the surface level.

  • Winter Store Program

  • Spring Replace Program

  • Spring Wash & Replace Program