Package 1 Glass Cleaning

Washing Inside and/or Outside of Window Units

The service technician will put the soap and water on the window with a brush and take it off with a squeegee. They will wipe the accessible bottom sill if it doesn’t need to be scrubbed or cleaned.

Glass Cleaning


Process 1: Our service personnel performs a wet wash scrubbing of the glass surface and wipe down of the sills for all units ordered if they do not need to be scrubbed and cleaned while the unit is closed. The solution on the glass is applied through our basic wetting process and mild cleaning solution and then removed with a squeegee. This process will remove the surface dirt from the glass. During this process imperfections may be revealed, due to the cleanliness of the glass. (This is what a normal Package 1 glass cleaning price is based on.)

Process 2: is for extremely dirty units or units with a minor residual stain, that may require a mild chemical pre-wetting process in addition to our basic wetting process and mild cleaning solution. This will help bring clarity to the glass, as well as, reduce friction during cleaning. (Process 2 charge is added to Process 1 cleaning charge.)

Process 3: is for units with paint, silicone, varnish or other substances that cannot just be washed off. To solve these problems, we make recommendations to our clients for future services or we can, when time permits, add a Process 3 glass scraping service charge for the affected glass surfaces. See Glass Scraping. (Process 3 charge is in added to Process 1 cleaning charge.)

Process 4: is for units severely stained and in need of an acid wash or chemical restoration. See Glass Restoration / Acid Wash. (Process 4 charge is added to Process 1 cleaning charge.)

If the glass is not cleaned on a regular basis, heavy dirt build-up and a residual stain may occur. Although some units require more frequent cleaning for high traffic areas, we recommend at least washing the windows every six months to a year.