Applicable Service Charges

When our technicians arrive there maybe situations where additional services maybe added to your order. Here is a breakdown on what maybe added to the order.

Ladder Services 

Sometimes we may need to use additional ladders  to complete a job. 

Interior Ladders


4 ft. step ladder

6 ft. step ladder

8 ft. step ladder

12 ft. step ladder

2 story ladder

Exterior Ladders


Difficult Terrain

Laddering off roof

Laddering off deck

3 story ladder

40 ft. ladder

Footing Ladder


Preparation of Work 

When our technician need to move furniture may prolong your service being done. 


Preparation of Units/Move Furniture

Removing Air Conditioner

Opening Stuck Window

Difficult Breakdown & Rebuild

2 Drop Cloth / Covering of Items In Home/Business


Work Process

Extremely Dirty

Glass Scraping

Acid Wash

Bee Problem

Lubricating Spray


Other situations our technicians may run into.

Please print and fill out a Release Form if any of the above list apply.

**A Release Form must be obtained for our personnel to undertake this process.**

For more information 

For more information on what may be an additional service for your home give us a call or send us an email. Click on the button below for more information.